Ballyvourney College, Co.Cork – August 2009

There doesn’t seem to be too much history on this place available online except that it closed in 1989. It has lain unused since then except for a short period when it was opened up to be used as the filming location for the Irish movie, “Song for a Raggy Boy”.

The complex is quite large and contains dormitories, classrooms, a theater, a canteen, a chapel and handball alleys. I had some bad timing visiting this one. Someone who had the keys to the grounds and had driven in was showing off the exterior of the building to two other people. This caught me by surprise and I had to make a dart under some bushes! Luckily I was unseen and was able to wait them out until I could enter the building. Unfortunately though I was unable to access the western end of the building, every possible access had been blocked off at the time of my visit so I was unable to reach the chapel and a few of the other interesting features. Below are the images I got from the central and eastern end of the building.