This website is a collection of photos from various ‘explores’ I have done In Ireland over the last few years. The hobby of ‘urban exploration’ which this website is about, is basically the exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned or in ruins.

A huge part of this hobby is the ethics you follow by. The main motto of this hobby and it’s followers is “take only photographs, leave only footprints”. ‘Urban explorers’ will not break anything or cause any damage to the sites which they visit. Out of all the buildings I have visited on this website I have never broken anything to gain access (where’s the challenge in that!), in all cases I have found access without causing any damage. I am visiting these sites purely out of interest, to explore these forgotten buildings and to photograph what I find.

I should also probably note that I do not advise anyone to partake in this hobby. The various buildings I have posted on this site are all dangerous and if you do visit them, you do so at your own risk.

All the best!


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  1. Hi, I just wanted to express my admiration for what you’re doing! I find urban exploration absolutely fascinating even though I’m not brave enough to do any myself. The photographs are fantastic! So voyeuristic – and a great record. I recently went to an exhibition at an art gallery of photographs that had been taken in derelict buildings around Chenobyl and it was so interesting to be able to look in on the decay of hastily abandoned buildings. I think urban exploration is so relevant to Ireland at the moment what with all the ghost estates and other abandoned boom time projects. I went to university in Dublin and was often to be found peering into half finished hotels and office blocks – dusty on the inside because the work stopped years ago. I think it’s important that Ireland remembers what happened to these buildings when (and if) the economy recovers. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Angela, I meant to reply to you ages ago but it slipped my mind. I couldn’t agree more with your outlook regarding Ireland, there are so many fantastic buildings wasting away here at the moment. Some cities (Limerick especially) are shadows of their former selves. Wandering through these ruins is an amazing experience and I’m glad to be able to document these places and what is currently happening this country. Thanks very much for the comment, it’s much appreciated!

  2. I would like permission to use some of your photos of the High Park convent in an article I’m writing for the Voice of America in Washington, DC about the Magdalene Laundries–with full attribution, of course!

  3. I posted this on one of your articles but here seems a better place.

    I’m an Indie filmmaker and I’m looking to make a short documentary about Urban Exploration. I would be very interested in having you be part of it. Your blogs are fascinating.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    • Hi Andy,

      Thanks for your comment and for the interest in the website. Unfortunately I may have to decline. I think the less publicity for this hobby the better, it is an underground hobby and in my opinion should remain so (at least as much as possible.) I’m happy to share my photos on this blog as it will most likely be only people that are interested in the hobby or the buildings themselves that will visit these pages. I’m not in it for plaudits, once I’m sharing my exploits with like minded people I’m happy 🙂 Also, for obvious reasons I would like to maintain my anonymity as much as possible, the Gardai are not that understanding when it comes to trespassing on land! Hopefully you can understand.

      I don’t want to leave you out to dry though as you seem to have a healthy interest in the hobby, so, if you want I can pass on your email address to some other explorers to see if anyone else is interested?

      All the best,

      • Thanks for your reply,

        It’s completely understandable, and not a problem at all.

        I have a huge interest in UE ever since I was young when a few friends and I climbed into a few old abandoned houses and industrial facilities. I never knew there was a whole community based around it until recently. It’s amazing!

        Anyway, if you could pass my details on that would be brilliant. Anonymity won’t be a problem at all for anyone willing to participate. Their faces and names can be kept out of it.

        You have an amazing site and the photos are great. Hope to see a lot more in future.


      • Hi Andy, I am an urban explorer/photographer and I’ve taken photographs in many buildings in Dublin including a nursing home, Phoenix Park Fort, Bolands Mill, Dun Laoghaire Baths, Pigeon House Powerstation, abandonded asylum and others. Feel free to get in touch, laineytess@gmail.com.

    • Hi,
      I’m some kind of urban explorer. The urban exploration is a part of my art process. I’ve already made some research about certain abandoned places in Ireland. I visited them myself I have a couple of questions to you about certain places I couldn’t get access to in the past. I’d like to know more people who are interested in discovering abandoned Ireland and also what it all means to you
      Your blog is fascinating. It touches the past as much as the present. If we could swap emails that would be great.
      Keep up the good work

  4. Hello,
    I am an independent film maker. I am in the proses of filming Diary number 33. I am going to be filming a scene in an abandon hospital. Would you be able to give the location for The Deserted Hospital post and The Abandoned Asylum? I would love if you could give me the location. We will not change anything and we will leave it the way it was when we are done filming there.
    You can contact me at the following email address: jackbourkemckenna@gmail.com

    • Hi Jack,

      Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I’m afraid I don’t give out location details any more. There have been some bad experiences in the past which we have learnt from. One place in particular has been locked up tight due to numerous bands and models going in for photoshoots. I appreciate you will leave it as it is but the fact is that increased attention will just cause trouble for the rest of us. You’ll find that Irish explorers are now very wary of giving out any details to photographers looking for a location for a shoot. Sorry about that but hopefully you understand.

      All the best,

  5. hey,

    I just arrived here in Ireland from the Netherlands and looking for new people with the same hobby as me.
    If you will, can you mail me? talks a bit easier then here..
    mail is in the details

  6. Hey There! Nice collection of urbex shots! Are U from Dublin maybe ? I’m a urbex photographer as well (v4ult.deviantart.com/gallery ) maybe we can go for some photoshooting together 🙂

  7. Hi there, I’m making a 7 min radio doc on the Poolbeg chimneys. I’d love to interview you about your experience inside the building for the show. Seeing as it’s radio, anonymity would be guaranteed. If your’e interested please get in touch. Dave.

    • Hi David,

      I assume you’re speaking about the old Pigeon House Power Station rather than the Poolbeg Chimneys? There are three power stations around Poolbeg ,the combined fossil fuel plant, the thermal plant (which the chimneys are attached to) and the abandoned Pigeon House plant. The fossil fuel plant is still in use and the thermal plant is technically decommissioned but is still maintained and used to power and monitor the fossil fuel plant. The only one that is actually abandoned and can be explored is the third plant, the Pigeon House.

      Even though the documentary sounds interesting I have a personal rule which involves not speaking to the media. This is an underground hobby (in this country anyway) and any publicity about it, especially about particularly sensitive sites like this one has an adverse effect. At the moment committed explorers can visit the Pigeon House perfectly fine, however if the wrong person hears that people have been visiting it illegally this means security could catch on and the place could be locked down for those who are still interested in exploring its depths. I’d rather not be the reason for that happening.

      The Pigeon House has been frequented by most Irish explorers though at this stage so I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding someone to speak but personally it isn’t my style.

      I wish you the best of luck with your documentary anyway. I hold a great interest in the whole area of Poolbeg and really hope it can be preserved for generations to come so I look forward to hearing it.

      All the best,

  8. Hi there,

    My name is Jon Hozier-Byrne, I’m a filmmaker with Stoneface Films here in Dublin. I feel a bit daft leaving a comment for something like this, but I can’t find any other way of getting in contact privately, and I’m a genuine admirer of your work. If you’d be interested in some location scouting work, I’d love for you to get in touch. Send me an email if you’re interested!

    Thank you for your time,

  9. Hi there,

    My name is Brian O’Neill. I really love your site. Like many hear I’m a film maker keen to pick your brain. I too have done quite a bit of urban exploring, taking only photographs, and leaving only footprints while recceing for films. It can be a a surreal and wonderful experience.

    I understand why you no longer give out details about off limits places but I was hoping that perhaps you would be able to tell me of some places that I could legally get permission to enter. I have no problem contacting places/people myself… it’s just I lack the knowledge of where to go.

    Currently I am looking for underground tunnels/catacombs/crypts large enough for people to run down at least 20 meters. I’ve tried Marino Casino, but it’s far too expensive, I’ve tried St Michan’s Church crypt, they said no because it’s a horror film (I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that) and Dublin City council are full of red tape with their tunnels since there was a gas leak accident a couple of years ago.

    In your piece on The Clone underground river, you mentioned old mines, wells. Do you know of any that I could ask permission to access? Do you know who I would need to contact regarding the Clone? I’ve never even heard of the Clone!

    So to be clear I’m not looking for abandoned or dangerous structure we would have to sneak into but a hidden gem perhaps on private land that we could safely and legally gain access to. If you had any thoughts on anywhere like this in the Dublin or surrounding areas it would be greatly appreciated. My email is brianpatrickanthony@gmail.com should you wish to email me privately.

    Thanks for your time,


  10. This is a very interesting blog and I was particulalrly interested to see the photos of Fort Lonehort on Bere Island. I ‘visited’ that site extensively myself in the 1980s with my brother and sister when on holiday on the island (my mother is from there). Back then the gates were padlocked but the chain was long enough for skinny teenagers to squeeze through and then a very rickety wooden bridge got us across the deep moat and off we went. Most of the photos look just as I remember the site. There were some huge hand tools in a workshop (spanners, etc) and actual large ammunition shells (just hollow shells with no contents thankfully) but I understand these have since been removed. There were also some “prison” cells either in this fort or another on the island. My grandfather and some other men from the island spent time in one of these at Her Majesty’s pleasure when the fort was in British hands. I hope this site does get made accessible as a heritage attraction some day as it is part of the really interesting early 20th century history in the area.

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