Glubochitsa Underground River – Kiev, Ukraine

Before arriving in Kiev I had arranged to meet up with Kiev explorer, General Kosmosa. It being a weekday, the plan was to meet him after work. I spent the day attempting a couple of explores solo which ultimately ended in failure (due to good security and the areas around entry points being too busy at that time of day.) One of these places in particular (the old Atek plant) would have been spectacular on the inside but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

I met up with General Kosmosa that evening not too far from the city centre. We met up with another Kiev explorer and his girlfriend, bought some beer and then headed towards a manhole in the centre of a small pedestrian area. The road beside us was pretty busy but the guys just popped the manhole and we all made our way down without any hassle, closing the manhole behind us.

As an aside, In Ireland people panic when they hear about someone going underground in a city: But in Ukraine no passerby seemed to be worried that we were heading down a manhole. Ireland really annoys me sometimes.

On reaching the bottom of the ladder we were in a wide vaulted tunnel built entirely of brick. This was very different to the Poltva which I had walked only two days earlier in Lviv. The Poltva was of a more modern construction, encased mostly in concrete while the Glubochitsa brickwork was obviously from a much older time period.

After a very short walk we reached the intersection of another river. At this point of the tunnel there was a large wide chamber which we could relax and chat in. We popped open some Ukrainian beer and chatted away for a good while mainly about the huge differences in exploring between Ireland and Ukraine.

After a good while hanging around underground at the intersection we made our way back towards the ladder and made our way back to the surface and out of the manhole we had earlier descended. Being a weeknight and not having any gear we couldn’t do too much more so we just got some tea and relaxed in a nearby park until late. Kiev has some fantastic locations to visit which I missed out on due to the lack of time and also some bad luck with the locations I did try! Hopefully I’ll get back at some stage to have another crack at it 🙂

I owe a major thanks to General Kosmosa who met up despite some very short notice! His website is below if anyone is interested in seeing some Ukrainian urban exploration. The quality of photos and locations is incredible and gives a great insight into exploring in this part of the world:

Glubochitsa Underground River

Under Kyiv (2)

Under Kyiv (3)

Under Kyiv (1)
The four of us underground at the intersection of the two rivers
(Sorry for the awful attempt at blurring my face here but I like my anonymity!)


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