Active Train Maintenance Depot – Lviv, Ukraine

On my second evening in Lviv I met up with another 8 explorers and after a bit of wandering and climbing around some interesting ruins we retired to a city centre pub. What followed was some great drinking in some great company. After an unhealthy amount of honey vodka shots we finally headed to the train station before my train to Kiev! Beforehand though we decided to do some proper exploration of the station itself.

We were able to slip out of sight and down to the area where the trains are stored and the train maintenance takes place. Somehow one of the Lviv guys managed to blag myself and him into the active train maintenance depot. Here we were able to hop into the drivers cab of one of the ancient Soviet trains that are still in service here and also have a look around the inner workings.

It would have been great to see more but unfortunately I had to leave after only getting a look at the driver’s carriage. I had to drunkenly sprint to catch the train in time but it all worked out in the end. I was soon drifting off to sleep in an uncomfortable bunk bed as the train sped onward through the night towards my next destination, Kiev!

Looking back towards Lviv Train Station



The driver’s view


The interior of the train maintenance depot

Some of the incredibly friendly Lviv explorers who made my day and a half in Lviv a fantastic experience


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