Foton Photochemical Plant – Warsaw, Poland

First up on my list of Eastern European countries was Poland. I knew I would have a bit of time to spare on my first evening in Warsaw so I set about researching locations near the city centre. The top of the list was the old Foton Photochemical Plant. It had been partially demolished in the last few months but still remaining was the main 8 storey part of the complex which apparently provided great views of the city. So, without further ado I set off in search of the plant.

Taking a tram to the suburb of Wola, I soon found the college complex which the plant is based in. Access was surprisingly simple and in no time I was strolling freely around the different floors.

I somehow forgot to take any exterior photos of the plant tower but you can just about make it out in the back left of the below photo.

01 Foton

Foton (1)

Foton (3)

Foton (2)

Foton (5)

Foton (6)

Foton (7)
The handrails had long been removed from these stairs making for a nice dizzying view back down to the bottom floor.

Foton (8)

Foton (10)

Foton (14)

Foton (15)

Foton (16)

Foton (9)
The view from the top floor down one of the old lift shafts

Foton (17)

Foton (12)

Foton (13)

Foton (4)
This gap needed to be crossed using an old door in order to reach the roof access on the top floor.

Foton (11)
Looking up at the above location from the 7th storey

On my way through the building I ran into a random Polish group of explorers so I tagged along with them out onto the roof. An old ladder with over half the rungs missing needed to be climbed to get onto the main rooftop so we all worked our way up this one by one onto the main rooftop. This afforded some fantastic views of downtown Warsaw.

Foton (18)

Foton (21)

Foton (19)

Foton (20)

Foton (22)

We were able to relax up here for a good while admiring the views until someone spotted us from below (either college security or police, it got lost in translation!) So we had to climb back down and make an exit. There was no one there waiting outside the building when we got down so they obviously didn’t care too much!


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