The Old Mine, Dublin City – November 2013

This mine is the only remnant of an ancient dig for minerals which started back in the late 1700s. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I couldn’t dig up too much information on how large the mine workings were. Arriving at the mine it was obvious why so few photos of it exist online. The entrance into the main part of the mine was extremely small and narrow and I imagine wouldn’t look too enticing to most people. The only way through this entrance was to lie flat on my stomach and pull myself along the muddy floor using my arms, all the time while pushing my backpack ahead of me. Luckily this section didn’t go on for very long and soon the mine opened out and I was able to stand up.

The Entrance Passageway

The Mine opening up

With the mine opening up to walking height I continued on. I was surprised to come across a wooden bridge above my head not far into the mine and also find rope leading up to some of the higher passages. Soon enough I came upon a flooded section but it seemed someone had made a bridge out of a net and hung it from the ceiling meaning this section could be easily gotten over. Continuing on through another dry passage I could see water further ahead. The mysterious group of people who had set up the net, built the rope bridge and set up the ropes to the higher passages had also dragged a series of long planks into this section and built a walkway bridging across this flooded section. I treaded carefully across the series of planks until I reached another dry section of passage. The water was only knee to waist deep I reckon so it wasn’t too dangerous! Continuing on another few metres I finally reached a dead end.

The net bridge

The start of the series of planks leading to the furthest point of the mine

With the furthest point reached I doubled back. Along the main passage back there were a couple of side passages leading away from the main one. These were interesting but pretty short compared to the main passage. One side chamber had two entrances leading into it, one of them being across the really nicely constructed bridge I had passed earlier. Whoever had set up all the different bridges and ropes in here had put quite an amount of effort into it and it had really paid off.

Back near the entrance there was one last tunnel to explore. This one was high up in the wall and involved climbing up the side of the wall using a very handy rope while holding the torch in my mouth so I could see where my feet were going! Up at the top there was a small chamber with a tiny tunnel leading off it. This one was even smaller than the entrance passageway and was tricky enough to even get into. I struggled through the passage on my stomach and disappointingly it ended nearly straight away in a small chamber. I had to back my way out again before navigating down the rope to the main passage again. With the mine fully explored I made my way back onto my stomach yet again and pulled myself back out of the entrance tunnel and into daylight.

The mine ended up being a good bit larger than I expected but all in all (if you weren’t taking photos) it would probably only take 10 minutes to explore the entirety of it. Despite this it was still a great explore. I’m going to leave the location out of this one as it’s really rare to see somewhere this cool entirely open. Whoever put all the props in place went to a lot of effort to set them up so I’d feel to blame if some pencil pusher came across this page and decided that the mine needed to be blocked off. The fact that this place is open to anyone in this day and age, just like it has been for over 100 years is something quite nice I think.

The flexy wooden bridge

The large side chamber

The rope leading up to the last chamber


11 thoughts on “The Old Mine, Dublin City – November 2013

      • Cheers man. Cool, I may take you up on that offer. There is another place in Dublin city that has potential for mine exploration. I must do some reading up on it and see if there’s any possibility of access.

  1. Cheers for the awesome posts. I’ve been traveling through Europe for a few weeks now and got to Dublin a few days ago. This morning someone I met directed me to your site to find these awesome places and pictures. I wondered if you would be available to maybe show some travelers around? If not thanks so much for sharing. Keep up the great work. Love it.

    • Hey itspix, unfortunately I’m out of the country at the moment on a holiday, otherwise I would have been happy to meet up and show ye around a few places. Do you have anywhere in particular you want to visit? If so I could give you a few tips no problem 🙂

      • We wanted to check out the old mine, but we couldn’t find out where it was anywhere online. Yesterday we went to the old power plant which was pretty cool but really guarded with lots of CCTV. I thought about going to the Richmond asylum if I couldn’t find out where the mines were.

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