Church Rooftop, Dublin City – November 2013

A quick little climb up to the rooftop of a church in the Dublin suburbs. The road by this one was quite busy so I had to wait for just the right moment to make my move! With a bit of speed climbing I was up on top with a nice view ahead of me out over Dublin bay. There wasn’t too much to see up here apart from the view but I hung around to take a good few shots. After an hour or so relaxing up here I sped back down the ladders and out of there.


5 thoughts on “Church Rooftop, Dublin City – November 2013

  1. No problem at all 🙂 Cheers! There was some scaffolding up the side of it so it was pretty easy, the ladder was removed from the ground but it was easy to climb up to the next one. Once you’re a competent climber it’s perfectly safe 🙂 The main issue is getting caught up there!

    • by the sound of your description i say it’s not the first time for you. LOL. I’ve been follwoing your blog for a while now and glad to see that you are back blogging after some break you took. 🙂
      Take care

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