The Abandoned Asylum – March 2013

The lunatic asylums now dotted around Ireland offer a grim reminder of the past. Since the early 1800s there have been thousands of patients unnecessarily admitted to these asylums. These patients were subjected to horrible conditions. Overcrowding, widespread disease and harsh treatment were commonplace in most Irish asylums. Many people diagnosed as mentally unstable (sometimes for incredibly trivial things at the time) lived out the rest of their days behind the walls of these asylums in inhumane conditions.

There is plenty of reading on the horrors that went on in these asylums elsewhere online so I will not delve too deep into it here. I would rather not give the location of this asylum as it is a sensitive site. For this reason I cannot give out any history on this building itself. I will however show you what this Irish asylum looks like these days now that the once packed wards and corridors now lie completely empty. In recent decades up until the closure of a lot of asylums in this country, conditions obviously improved however it’s still easy to imagine what had previously happened within the walls of these buildings.


6 thoughts on “The Abandoned Asylum – March 2013

  1. Brilliant photos, thanks for sharing! Also, I appreciate the fact that you don’t disclose locations – too many of these places fall victim to vandals etc.

    Please keep the photos coming! I am a big fan of abandoned houses myself and love to see other people’s photos. ๐Ÿ™‚

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