The Sentinel, Dublin City – February 2013

The 14 storey Sentinel Tower was hailed as a landmark site for Sandyford. It would be the iconic tower at the centre of a cluster of new shiny high rise apartments. Back in 2005, when these plans were being readied, the future was bright for this area.  Work began, and what had previously only been an industrial park was soon a sea of construction workers, scaffolding and towering cranes.

Work only progressed so far before the economy came crashing down. Many of the apartment towers were finished but unfortunately, the Sentinel Tower was a step too far. While the rest of the towers (apart from one more nearby) were finished off, scaffolding was being removed from this tower and the tower crane was being dismantled.

The property ended up in the hands of NAMA and has only recently been sold off, for a total of €900,000, a monumental loss. The structure has been assessed to be safe so it is hoped that construction will start again at some stage  but it certainly won’t be any time soon. For the moment, the Sentinel Tower stands overlooking South Dublin, an overshadowing reminder of the greed of the Celtic Tiger.


Being one of the tallest buildings in the city at 14 storeys, I was eager to make a trip out here to scale the skeletal tower. Access was reasonably tricky and the climb was tough but the view out over Dublin ended up being well worth the effort to get up there.

Note that I never break or damage anything to gain entry to these places and always leave everything exactly as I find it. Also please note that this is an unfinished construction site with sheer drops all over the place and the climb up is tough in places. If you don’t know what you’re doing it could be quite easy to hurt yourself. So, for the record, I would not recommend visiting this site.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the below photos of Dublin city from a unique vantage point.














2 thoughts on “The Sentinel, Dublin City – February 2013

  1. Cheers Denis. Height wise It’s not too bad at all. Most of the climbing is indoors so you don’t feel the height too badly. The same can’t be said for the exposed climb onto the roof itself though 🙂 But the view from the 13th floor is just as good anyway. I think I saw a few shots of yours up just as high in the city centre so after that it’d be grand I’d say 🙂

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