The Silvermines, Co.Tipperary – December 2011

There are some interesting buildings left over from the old mine workings here, including an engine house, houses and storage buildings used to store the thousands of core samples. The most interesting stuff however is left over below the ground. The site is dotted with mineshafts and old adits leading to the old workings below ground.

The most impressive feature left over from the old workings has to be ‘Cathedral Cavern’, a huge cavern that was blasted out of the mountain. The huge room is supported by several rock pillars and contains a lake which makes the cavern even more striking. Apart from this cavern there is over a kilometer of underground tunnels leading to more large caverns, underground lakes, old wooden structures used by the mine workers and old metal railway tracks. This site is probably one of the best preserved underground mines left in the country. Unfortunately, the lower levels have all been flooded so it is only possible to visit the tunnels on the highest level.

Note that this site is quite dangerous. Once you are past the fencing and into the main mine working area there are shafts and steep cliffs dotted all over the place and it would be quite easy to slip down one. In addition a large portion of the underground workings are flooded or prone to collapse. So, although I don’t recommend it, if you do visit this site be extra careful and come prepared.

Old Engine House

01Engine House

02Jump of Death

The main mine workings

03Main Workings





08Upper Tunnel2

09Upper Tunnel3

10Cathedral Entrance

Cathedral Cavern

11Cathedral Cavern

12Cathedral Cavern2

13Rotting Wood

14Old Tracks




18Diverging Tunnels2

20Timber Supports

21Tunnel Arch

The thousands of core samples left over from the mine



3 thoughts on “The Silvermines, Co.Tipperary – December 2011

  1. Hi I have a question . who owns the site now in 2017 ?
    The reason I ask is because my wife is doing a project on this area , her family worked in mining over the years in the silver mines . I have been all over this area over the last year and again would point out as you said its a very dangers place to visit.

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