The Barracks (Visit 1), Co.Tipperary – December 2011

This barracks was built in 1832 and was garrisoned by British Army regiments until 1922. The Irish army then occupied the building and it was also partly occupied by various government departments. The building seems to have been fully abandoned at some stage in the late 1990s and the building quickly started falling into a bad state of disrepair. A large chunk of the roof collapsed two years ago, leaving the building even more open to the elements.

There are several outbuildings behind the main barracks building but these are almost completely overgrown and contain little of interest. The main barracks building itself it split into three separate sections, with no access between them. This means access to the three separate buildings is slightly tricky. On our first visit we were only able to access the left wing of the building. This wing had only some small signs of previous visits, the building was mostly untouched with loads of old military memorabilia from the second world war lying around. The below photos are all from this wing of the building.

01 Barracks2

02 Barracks


04 Open Door

05 Falling Apart

06 Light

07 Jacket2

08 Fire Notice

09 Old Map

10 Slightly Broken

11 Dodgy Stairs

12 Stairs

13 Upstairs Hallway2

14 St Patricks Day Award 1997

15 Target

16 Rotting

17 6 Bombs

18 Military Helmet


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