Piper’s Inn, Ogonnelloe, Co.Clare – September 2011

This pub/inn is located in the middle of the countryside just outside Killaloe. I couldn’t find any information on when it closed but it doesn’t seem to be too long ago. The inside of the inn is a lot larger than it seems from the outside. The ground floor contains the pub itself and several backrooms. And the upstairs contains the different bedrooms which were let out and also the living accommodation for the owners of the inn. Currently the inn is being renovated by new owners.

01Pipers Inn front

02Pipers Inn Back


03Ransacked Kitchen




06Behind the Bar







13Overturned Bed

14Baby Born


15Kids Room

16Main Bedroom



2 thoughts on “Piper’s Inn, Ogonnelloe, Co.Clare – September 2011

  1. Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen urbex photos of a place where I’ve been. I’ve fond memories of a holiday down here as a kid. I don’t think it’s closed that long, less than 10 years maybe?

  2. Interesting, it must be strange to see photos of it like this. Yeah, when I visited I think it had only been closed for 5 or so years (I think.) The pikeys had been in though and torn the place apart! As far as I know it’s after being restored and is back up and running again these days under new ownership.

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