Forgotten Fort – September 2011

This naval fort has been abandoned long ago and is now slowly being reclaimed by nature. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of the fort remaining but if you battle through the undergrowth you can find the two sets of stairs leading underground to the two ammo stores. From the ammo stores there is a short tunnel which leads to the gun emplacements overlooking the coast. Other than these tunnels there are a few other small buildings dotted around the site.

As the fort is reasonably pristine and not that well known I think it might be better to leave the location out. With a bit of research it is pretty easy to find anyway. As AbandonedIreland and several others have found, sometimes it’s better to leave out the locations of the more sensitive sites to discourage any vandalism.

01Fort Building


02Hidden Entrance

03Fort Stairs



06Ammo StoreA

07 TunnelA

08Light Switches

09Gun Emplacement A

10No Smoking

11Overgrown Entrance

12Ammo StoreB


14Red Brick

15Gun EmplacementB

16Searchlight Building






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