Phoenix Park Magazine Fort, Dublin – November 2008

The Phoenix Park magazine fort was built in 1735. The fort was originally controlled by the British for many years but control of the fort was handed to the Irish army and by 1939 its purpose was to house the Irish Army’s stocks of guns and ammunition.

The fort sits within the grounds of Phoenix Park at the top of a raised mound. A large moat entirely surrounds the building and slots that were used for gunfire surround the walls, this combined with the fact that there are pillboxes on each corner of the fort means this fort would have been very hard to attack back in the day.

The only access in and out of the fort was a bridge over the moat. Today, this has now been blocked off by 3 large gates. Due to the way the fort is built and the high gates that are now in place, access to this one is quite tricky, but once inside you are well rewarded for your effort.

Phoenix Park Magazine Fort

Locked Gates2

Phoenix Park Magazine


Trashed Corridor2

Autumn Colours



Bridge to Living Quarters2


Mixing Bowls


Armoury Yard


Gun Position

Bricked Up


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