Long Abandoned Cottage, Co.Donegal – July 2008

This is a cottage I stumbled across in the wilderness of Donegal. Hidden from the road and well off the beaten track there seems to have been very few visitors here since the house was abandoned (which would be around 2001 according to the calendars inside.)

As I wandered up to the house I spotted the extremely deteriorated remains of a car lying in the grass. And behind the house I ran into some slightly creepy carvings of heads stuck on the gate posts. It was a bit eerie wandering around the house. Pretty much everything in the house was untouched,  there was still dishes in the sink and clothes drying over the cooker.

However, most poignantly, there were more personal items left behind in the bedroom. The last books the owner of the house read, his walking stick and his religious statues all lay in place, completely untouched and surrounded in cobwebs. It was intriguing to get such an insight into someone’s else’s life. I spent well over an hour wandering around the small cottage, there were interesting artifacts everywhere so it took me a while to draw myself away. Eventually I made my way back to the road, leaving the cottage just as I found it.

Decaying Car

Faded Past

Gateway to a Past Life













New Irish Home


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